Battery System

Use green energy

With a battery system, almost 100% of the self-generated energy can be used. Less energy will have to be purchased, resulting in a sharp drop in energy bills.

Emergency power and stabilisation

A battery system provides backup in case of power failures (EPS function). Important consumers such as the electric gate, central heating, the WiFi router or the freezer continue to work. A battery system can also absorb a too high or too low mains voltage, so that your inverter will not go into safety unnecessarily and energy production will stop.

More available power

Our professional systems can deliver high power from the battery and are a cheaper alternative to an expensive reinforcement of the grid connection

Flatten spikes in consumption

The capacity rate or a contractually determined capacity can ensure that peaks in energy consumption weigh heavily on the electricity bill. With a battery system, the peaks in consumption are leveled off and the energy supplier cannot charge you extra costs or your rate will even decrease.

The advantages of a battery system?

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