About us

POSETRON BVBA was founded on 29/06/2018 with the aim of playing a role in the energy transition, with a focus on energy storage. We saw the problems surrounding the current construction of electrical power grids. 

In particular, the switch from central controlled production of electricity to decentralized uncontrolled production. Without energy storage and energy management, this energy transition is not feasible! 

Shortly after the launch of POSETRONwe as a startup succeeded in signing an exclusivity contract for BENELUX with TECLOMAN, located in Chengdu and specialized in producing both residential and industrial energy storage systems. From A to Z, these systems are produced in-house, making custom work possible.

Nearly Off Grid

In 2019, we installed our own concept “Nearly off grid” in the POSETRON office. The then Minister of Energy Lydia Peeters came to unveil this installation herself! 

The concept also includes lighting on 48V DC and fast charging for electric cars, both directly via our battery system and this with a limited connection to the public power grid. 

In the context of the upcoming capacity tariff, this technology is definitely part of the solution.

Professional System

In 2020, we installed a residential and a professional energy storage system. More particularly, our energy container with direct connection to the solar panels installation, giving the customer a significant power increase, received a lot of attention. 

The home battery will only come into the picture later, namely after January 14, 2021, when the constitutional court abolishes the concept of the reversing counter. 

Because managing energy is becoming increasingly important, we decided in 2021 to start building an energy platform. This platform allows the users to easily monitor overarching energy flows and control devices. 

The capacity tariff of 2022 and the future variable tariffs should be the catalyst for obtaining flat purchase profiles among households and businesses. 

Posetron has all the assets with its knowledge and experience to help realize this.

The advantages of a battery system?

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