Our Firefly hybrid inverter makes maximum use of the sun thanks to its 2 advanced MPPT inputs. You can connect it directly to our Firefly battery with the supplied DC cables. Thanks to its EPS output, your critical electrical appliances are automatically supplied with power during a power outing.


Hybrid Battery (Modular)

As a modular system, our extremely safe and durable Lithium iron phosphate battery has a storage capacity of 3.6 kWh per module. You can easily stack up to 7 modules to achieve a total capacity of 25.2 kWh. The connections between the batteries are established automatically. No cable or screwdriver are required.


Smart App (Energy platform)

An energy meter on your distribution board or a connection to your digital meter make it possible to measure all energy flows. With our free app you get real-time information about the battery charge, the energy production and the consumption.

The advantages of a battery system?

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