Energy Platform

Measuring is Knowing is Managing

Our energy platform is our great asset. 

All data related to energy flows, voltage, frequency, weather forecasts, are brought here together. The platform allows us to monitor every system down to the last detail and to control electrical appliances in a smart way.

If a lot of sun is expected and the battery will fill up quickly, we will start charging the electric car or heating up the buffer tank of the heat pump on time. This enables to use every kWh locally produced usefully and inject as little energy as possible into the grid.

The "Smart" DIGITAL Meter

The P1 port of the digital meter allows us to quickly and cheaply receive the same accurate data as the energy supplier will receive for drawing up its electricity bill.

Energy App

The customer always gets access to a user-friendly app in which he can see the most important parameters and appliances at a glance. 

He can easily add and control appliances. With statistics and graphs, he quickly gets a clear view of the consumption and energy costs over a particular period of time.


Is there a problem with the electrical installation at home or a network outage? Then the customer will be automatically notified with a pop up message or email so that immediate action can be taken.

The advantages of a battery system?

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