Professional Battery System

Our professional battery system has a storage capacity of 60kWh to 500kWh and an inverter power of 30kW to 250kW. it was specially developed for small to medium-sized businesses. Our system is based on high-quality and durable components, enabling intensive use in extreme conditions. All this is placed in a 10ft to 40ft containers.


Integrating solar panels

Solar panels can be connected directly to our professional system.

Integrating the battery into an existing solar panel installation or a wind turbine is also possible.

Outdoor setup

In case a lot of storage capacity is needed and the system has to be housed outside, we offer our outdoor setup or energy container.

This system has a storage capacity of up to 2MWh and is equipped with air conditioning, heating and a unique aerosol-based fire extinguishing system that does not cause any harm to humans, animals and electronics.

Smart App (Energy Platform)

Each customer gets access to our user-friendly app for our professional systems, which we manage ourselves. Should there be any local restrictions or changes in the legislation, we will adjust the software so that your installation always remains up-to-date.


The advantages of a battery system?

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